0060 - IBDP Coordinator

Job Position ID: 0060

Job Position: IBDP Coordinator

Job Application For: Male

Job Published At: 10/06/2024

Job Description:

Coordinate the regular and on-going review of the academic programme (IB MYP and IB DP) including curriculum mapping and evaluation, benchmarking academic programs, graduation (promotional requirements), grading, approaches to teaching, and to enhance the digital learning environment • Support the head of department in the fulfilment of their duties in collaboration with the principal; participate in Secondary Leadership Team meetings • Writing a bullet point annual review of the departments’ strengths, achievements and challenges and setting annual departmental goals • Conduct observations and participate in the performance management process and teacher evaluations • Recommend professional growth and development opportunities for faculty members • Maintain dialogue with students, parents, and faculty in regard to the academic programmes • Working closely with the school’s pastoral team (Principal, Assistant Counsellor, Heads of Grade, Building and Student Supervisors, and Advisors) to support the welfare and pastoral care of all students • Leading and supporting departmental colleagues toward superior professional practice. • Coordinating the secondary school budget and the ordering of resources in alignment with current school procedures • Ensure that teachers are aware of the needs of inclusion of all students and groups and make provision for it in their planning. Ensure that feedback from lesson observations, notebook scrutiny and analysis of assessment data is appropriately reflected in teachers’ planning • Ensure teachers are clear about the teaching of objectives in lessons, understand the sequence of teaching and learning in the subject and communicate this to students • Monitor student standards and achievement against annual targets. • Monitor implementation and development of unit and lesson planning, curriculum and learning outcomes. • Plan and implement strategies where improvement needs are identified Ensure that relevant attainment/achievement targets are met or exceeded. • Coordinate and lead the IB MYP and IB DP Evaluation Visits • Coordinate quarterly student report cards, update reports and transcripts through ManageBac • Participate in the admission’s process by coordinating orientations, reviewing applications and preparing materials for incoming students • Review and revise the school behaviour management and uniform policy • Involve the Student Government in the on-going development and evaluation of the academic and pastoral programme • Update Student/ Parent Handbook and Faculty Handbook • Conduct the scheduling of students, faculty, times and space • Manage the course selection process • Conduct new teacher induction and returning teacher induction at the start of each academic year • Coordinate examination process and scheduling • Participate in interviews and the hiring process • Implement and develop the school’s assessment philosophy and principles