0040 - Librarian

Job Position ID: 0040

Job Position: Librarian

Job Application For: Female

Job Published At: 12/11/2023

Job Description:

1) Responsible for ensuring library is well resourced as per IB standards and academic requirements working closely with IB Program Coordinator and Teachers 2) Ensure the correct collection of books, periodicals and reference materials as well as audio/visual equipment to meet the needs of the IB Program 3) Teach students about research methods and academic honesty (anti-plagiarism) 4) Assist teachers in research for lessons 5) Encourage students to be avid readers and researchers by making the library an interesting place for students to visit 6) Ensure library staff have the appropriate training in librarianship and that they maintain an awareness of current thinking and new developments 7) Manage a budget for library resources 8) Enforce library policies and procedures for students 9) Develop a filing system for resources 10) Develop a library action plan 11) Take part in major school literacy events.