0038 - Examination’s Officer

Job Position ID: 0038

Job Position: Examination’s Officer

Job Application For: Female

Job Published At: 27/09/2023

Job Description:

• Take responsibility for supporting the school’s commitment to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children in school. • Ensure that the highest level of confidentiality is maintained at all times. • Organize the collection of registration and examination fees; organize, invoice, and ensure money collected is credited to the relevant account, in liaison with the Finance Office • Coordinate the preparation and submission of entries with teachers and students on IBIS • Ensure all examination papers and stationery are delivered safely to the school, being responsible for their strict storage security and ensuring completed papers are dispatched promptly and appropriately • Be responsible for arrangements for the conduct of examinations • Coordinate the team of invigilators, including recruitment, training, management and deployment of invigilation staff • Make appropriate timetabling and room arrangements for the above and ensuring proper examination invigilation of the examinations is strictly adhered to by teachers and appointed invigilators • Ensure that all examinations start and finish appropriately in accordance with examination board regulations including the conduct of any on-line examinations • Ensure that students are provided with all the necessary relevant information about examination entries, the dates and times of the examinations, conduct during examinations and the collection of results and certificates and that this information is shared in a timely manner • Ensure that all necessary stationery and materials and other requirements are provided for examinations • Initiate appropriate correspondence with and responding appropriately to correspondence from the various examination boards the school deals with, including IB, CIE, NEWA and others that may arise • Deal with issues relating to appeals, enquiry upon results and other administrative issues such as students who miss examinations through illness or who require special considerations • Handle enquiries from parents and students, including former students, who may require records or other relevant information • Receive examination results and certificates and making arrangements for their issue o Prepare and manage the appropriate dissemination of public examination results to local and national newspapers, and to the appropriate Ministries and the King Faisal Foundation Educational Team o Maintain a current working knowledge of the necessary policies, procedures, rules and regulations as set forth by the different examination bodies, special focus and guidance should be sought from the IB’s document titled, “Conduct of Examinations” o Organize appropriate arrangements for the support of candidates with special examination requirements (i.e dyslexia, disabled) in conjunction with the School’s Inclusion Coordinator o Liaise with the School’s Integrationist to provide information related to public (and if required, internal) examinations in a format, which is easily accessible, so that effective examination analyses can take place immediately after results have been received and processed o Liaise with Heads of Grade and Heads of Department to ensure appropriate timetabling and invigilation arrangements are in place for the school’s internal End of Semester, End of Year, Cambridge Checkpoint, MAPS, DP Mock Examinations o Analyze data arising from questionnaires and surveys which the school may carry out from time to time and responding appropriately • Manage and plan the organization of examination rooms and spaces including oral examinations in Groups