0035 - SEN Department support - (Special education needs) Assistant

Job Position ID: 0035

Job Position: SEN Department support - (Special education needs) Assistant

Job Application For: Male

Job Published At: 12/11/2023

Job Description:

 Engage and contribute to planning sessions with classroom teachers.  Administer small-group and individual instruction under teacher guidance.  Support monitoring of learning (specifically EAL+ students).  Prepare learning materials for use by students under the direction of the teacher.  Collect formative assessment data on student performance and progress, based on systems designed by the teacher or the Inclusion Support Team.  Facilitate, support, and promote social interactions and interpersonal skills with peers in social setting such as the cafeteria, playground, bus boarding, field trips, around the campus.  Apply evidence-based educational practices and strategies learned through professional development courses, in- service training or workshops.  Assist the teacher with daily routines that support EAL students (visual schedule prep, resources, photocopying, reinforcing school rules).  Report student incidents and/or behavioral issues to the teacher.  Develop a good rapport with relevant parents of students in your care.  Support in the evaluation of student progress according to 1 EAL provision plans and/or IEPs.  Promote the teacher-parent relationship by always consulting with the teacher, passing on messages, and keeping communication transparent.  Actively participate in professional development under the guidance of the Inclusion Team, and whole school needs.  Attend staff and department meetings when required.  Attend after-school parent meetings when necessary.  Exhibit awareness of the school’s Safeguarding policy and Duty of Care.  Carry out any other reasonable duties as required by the Head of Inclusion and the School Director.